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The Dark Troopers marched behind the soon-to-be Sith Lord, when they reached the Temple they pulled out their guns.
"Set all guns to stun!" Yelled the Dark Trooper that J'reasha had met, Jorsha Qanon.

"All right Jedi, prepare to turn!" J'reasha whispered to himself, while activating both of his Lightstabers. He ran to what Luke Skywalker had called the new "council" room... and found at least 20 Jedi in there. He Force Pushed them all in one single push against the wall and knocked them unconsious. "Jorsha, get some troopers in here and pick the Jedi up and put them in Force Cages back on my ship!" J'reasha commanded.

"Of course, milord!" Jorsha replied.

This is it...... I am leaving Yavin after they put the Jedi on board, and I'm heading strait to Dilium.... J'reasha smiled.

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