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Originally Posted by Spider AL
I'm curious as to what evidence you've seen that makes you believe Bush's religious fanaticism is genuine.
Why assume in the first place that their faith is fake? That's quite an accusation of something that none of us can really prove--we can't see into his heart to find out what his level of faith _really_ is. The demands of the Presidency are not really conducive to being able to attend church on a weekly basis
When I lived in TX when Bush was governor and long before he announced his aspirations for the Presidency, the guy went to church and said he read his Bible daily. That does not make him either a 'religious fanatic' or a 'fake religious fanatic'.

Probably could have a 'Temporary Godwin's Law' for controversial war decisions. Once the war is over, there can be temporary Godwin's law for some other controversial topic.

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