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Indy Last Crusade guide critiques

ThunderPeel, your Last Crusade guide is pretty awesome. But it has a few tiny mistakes in it, so I thought I'd post some feedback on what you might want to correct.

A lot of my info comes from the Indy 3 hintbook.

You might want to list where the three books are in the library. Here are some directions I made:

From the library lobby, go to the bookshelves on the lower left side of the screen. On the lower left area of the bookcase in the middle of a set of thin green books is the biplane manual.

Go left into the window room. Then go to the lower left bookshelves again. Mein Kampf is the red book tilted diagonally, sitting in the mostly empty upper right part of the bookcase.

Go left into another window room, then to the lower left bookshelves once more. The lower right part of the bookcase has several fat brown books. The rightmost of these is the catacombs map book.

Your map of level 3 of the catacombs is missing one dead-end passage. I've altered the image to show you where it is:

Castle Brunwald:

The Nazis each have individual fighting difficulties; it doesn't get harder as you fight more of them (unless you lose health in the process!) Here's how the hint book ranks them, in difficulty from A to E (A is darn hard, E is a pushover):

Butler: E
Drunk Nazi: E (though I'd say actually D- since he takes more than one punch)
Guard 2: C
Guard 3: D
Guard 4 (Art): B
Guard 5: A
Guard 6: B
Guard 7: B (though I'd personally rank him an A)
Guard 8 (Security): A
Guard 9: D
Biff: A+ (sober) or E (drunk)
Guard 11: B

Talking past Guard 5 nets you 8 points, not 7 as listed.

The description of how to get out on the window ledge is slightly wrong, as it places Guard 6 in the wrong room (the rightmost one on the castle map instead of the middle one). You might want to correct that to match the (already correct) diagram.

Henry can appear in any of the three rooms which face out onto the third floor window ledge. It's not limited to two (and indeed for me he usually shows up in the room with 75 Marks!)

You have to PUSH the paint-by-numbers Mona Lisa, not PULL it.

The price of Zeppelin tickets is 175 Marks, not 220.

When stealing tickets from the man, the Jones talking to him must be on the right side of the screen and the character stealing the tickets must be on the left.

You get 15 IQ points for getting out of the Zeppelin maze without being caught breaking the radio by the radio operator or the Zeppelin turning around.

You get zero IQ points, not 10, for reaching the biplane after going through the Zeppelin maze. But you do get 10 points for starting it up from the airport.

You get 5 IQ points for every 6 planes you shoot down in the biplane. So it's points for 6, 12, and 18, not 6, 11, and 16.

After you shoot down 18 planes (or 9 if you took the Zeppelin) you'll run out of gas and crash. You'll still have Checkpoint 8 to deal with.

Roadblocks 1, 2, 4, and 6 can be bribed, not just 2 and 6. Checkpoint guards 1 and 6 each want 150 Marks (not 225) and guards 2 and 4 each want 50 Marks.

Any guard will take the signed Mein Kampf, not just 6.

Checkpoint guard fighting difficulties from the hintbook:
Guard en route to Berlin: C
Guard 1: A
Guard 2: B
Guard 3: C
Guard 4: A
Guard 5: D
Guard 6: C
Guard 7: B

The third Grail trial is not so much a matter of where to click (although you do have to click on the other side, though it's not pixel-perfect) but when. You must cross the chasm as soon as possible. If you dally, then Indy will plummet to his death.

The correct Grail in the EGA versions doesn't leave a glowing ring mark. What really happens is that two of the glowing Grail images are improperly erased when Indy picks them up in the 16-color version, leaving behind part of the glow.

Your Fighting Tips section omits the fact that the keyset reverses itself (i.e. numpad 9 switches to numpad 7, numpad 6 switches to numpad 4, numpad 3 switches to numpad 1, and vice versa) when Indy is standing on the right side of the screen during a fight.

I did manage to get all 800 points! Funnily enough, the hardest part wasn't the fighting, but the biplane. I used Virtual PC to save and load the game state during that sequence (since you can't normally save during it).

I think the highest Episode score you can get is 505. Here's how...

-Use Cunning Plan 3 to get past the students (both ways)
-Talk past the Butler
-Give the painting to Guard 4 and get the inner vault open
-Give Mein Kampf to Guard 8 and disable the alarm system
-Get out on the window ledge and enter Henry's room that way
-Talk past all the other guards in Castle Brunwald, then knock them all out EXCEPT for Guard 2. It's damn hard!
-You need Guard 2 alive for maximum points
-Unlock Henry's door
-Get captured by Guard 2
-Give Vogel the real Grail Diary
-Talk past the checkpoint guard on the road to Berlin
-Get Hitler to sign the travel pass
-Steal the tickets at the airport
-Start the biplane
-Get shot down by the first plane that attacks you
-Talk past all the checkpoint guards except 2 and 6
-Bribe guards 2 and 6 (you should have enough money if you knocked out all the Brunwald guards)
-Pick up the Grail before Elsa gets it and give it to the Knight

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