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And now you're trying to portray us as hysterical. Reprihensible, especially considering your perpetual outbursts.

And for the two-hundredth time, Iraq was not a "mistake". There was nothing accidental about it. It was an intentional invasion to supplant a government unfriendly to US financial interests, with a government that is friendly to those interests.

Every time you call it a "mistake", you're excusing it.

As for "trying to force you to adopt my views", I've done nothing of the sort. I have tried to show you that all the evidence contradicts your- apparently arbitrary- views on the topic... But that's what rational debate is. The presentation of factual evidence and logical argument. You've done nothing of the sort in return, you've merely made insulting blanket statements over and over again. I strongly urge you to rectify this situation.

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