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Well for one thing you have not provided evidence, or answers to questions I have posed. All you've done is say Bush and America is evil for going into Iraq. You go off on an ego trip about how everyone is stupid for not agreeing with you and then attack when backed into a corner. Would you like me to go through each of your posts and point out exactly what I'm talking about? How there seems to be a lot of fiction spread about. You must tell wonderful stories to kiddies at the library. Although they must be confused when they're passed off as fact. I could but I'm really done having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Harsh words? Well I'm a stubborn bitch, so flame me not, it won't help! So, if this stuff upsets you, please go take a nice warm bath and get all cozy and warm and please forget about me. But, I also know, some half wit will still complain and have to have the last word... Go Figure!
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