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It was made by request to have only Empire and Rebel. Plus pirates added to slow down the AI land grab. It only applys to the 'Equal Footing' GC map.

I assume the ZC was a pain. Plus, I could make all the original EAW GC maps available to play too. As you know, you can add back in the ZC very easy and enable its AI.

I think a mod pack with the full choices to play. All three as it is now, Empire verse ZC, or Rebel verse ZC, or just Empire verse Rebel.

I think this request wants all three, the other thread the mod is an Empire verse Rebel only.

Placing in the Pirate forces was a long task. It could be done better, but it does do the job of slowing down the land rush (and letting you build up the 'tactical build pads' in space and on land to your liking).
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