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Originally Posted by Spider AL
As for smoking bans in public places... your right to wave your arm around ends at the tip of my nose. You can do what you like as long as it doesn't affect me adversely. Passive smoking affects people so smoking bans are the only moral solution.
I'm more bothered by the fact that I cannot open up a restaurant that allows smoking within itself. If it's my property it's my right to allow smoking inside. There is also some debate whether or not passive smoking really affects other people (Asthmatics aside)
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Hitler also had a dog. I say we ban all canines.
Conscription was one of the many evils of Nazi Germany.
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Yadda, yadda, yadda. Take it to the "Why Socialism is Evil and All Bums Are Lazy" thread.
Considering you live in a non-voting member of the EU, I wouldn't be talking. You are subject to all the regulations of the EU without any representation, not a fair trade if you ask me. TO finish off I'll make myself clear, I don't give a damn about people who refuse to crawl out of the gutter.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Uh, if you're willingly joining the Air Guard to pay for your college tuition, you're also volunteering to serve your country. That's the whole reason why they're willing to pay for your schooling, remember? If their money's good enough for you, so are their service requirements. Especially as you turn around and say things like this:
Theres a big difference there, I volunteered, nobody is telling me I have to. As for using the GI benefits, it's not a hand out. I put myself in possible harm and give up my 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year, and possible deployment to who knows where.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
But everyone else's taxes can pay for your education though, right? Health care and social security are funded from the same source as the military: everyone's taxes. You decry having to pay anything to fund those "incompetent" people who can't make their own way, but you're quite happy to suck at the same public purse when it suits you. Why would you need to do that if you're such a "successful" guy? Just a teensy bit hypocritical.
I'd also like to privatize the Schools. I've had far too many lazy ass Teachers who were being paid too much, and too many good Teachers that weren't being paid enough. Considering I still have to pay for the Schools I might as well attend them, at least I've paid, there are many attending Public Schools whose parents have never paid taxes and never plan on it.
@Samnmax: The last draft was during the Nixon administration, almost 10 years before Reagan.
For some reason I was thinking that it was during Reagan's administration.
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