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Is this some kind of a joke? Nihilus would wipe the floor with Revan. Only someone who is a wound in the Force, a dead spot in the Force, like the Exile was, could beat Nihilus. Those who claim otherwise do not understand how Nihilus' power works, or are just stubborn Revan fan boys.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
Nihilus would. Because he drains Force at will, and Revan is the heart of the Force. The Exile had no Force and was in fact a wound in the Force, which is why Nihilus was powerless against him. But Nihilus would suck Revan dry in short order... unless prevented by the plot, of course
Jediphile, Revan wasn't literally the heart of the Force, Kreia was just using a metaphor to describe Revan's power. Note how she says "Staring into his/her eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force."

If anyone was ever the heart of the Force, it would be Anakin, considering his Chosen One, had no father, highest ever midi-chlorian count status. He was basically like an incarnation of the Force itself, in other words, the heart of the Force.

Okay, so in terms of gameplay, Revan was powerful and Nihilus was a weakling, but that does not mean Revan would win, because there is a difference between gameplay and the plot. Story wise (which is what counts) Nihilus>Revan. Simple.

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