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This is embarrassing, I need help with Mandalore Piracy Mission

Okay, I admit I am quite bad at this. I have the game settings to HARD and I cannot seem to get past the early mission of piracy on Mandalore. I sent a Defiler to the planet to kick off the mission and I started with 6 fighters and 8 bombers and one Interceptor frigate.

I send my fighters and bombers to blast the base and kill the hangar and laser cannons as my priority. When fighters appear I send my fighters using buzz droid to kill them. After a while the Mandalorian battleship jumps into the system. I then divert my bombers to attack it.

At that time I have probably only 4 bomber squads left and 4 fighter squads. I start attacking the mass drivers followed by the turbo lasers on the battleship. However the turbo lasers will just take out all the bombers and fighters. The furthest I got was damaging half the ship.

In the original EAW only the laser cannons have a material effect on the fighters and bombers, thus making the bombers deadly to capital ships. However I found that the turbo lasers on this mission just wiped out my bombers and fighters.

I tried another tactic of luring the mandalorian capital ship into the asteroid belt but it just stops at the edge of the belt and does not take damage.

Am I missing something? Can someone help me with this mission? Any walkthrough guides?

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