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Chapter 12!!! :D

Here is another chapter:


“Attack” Ordered Jonas

As the Acolytes surrounded Revan, a sudden surge of anger passed through him, like a bolt of electricity. ‘How did he get himself into this! Why didn’t he sense them?

“No” Revan though to himself “Be calm, you can get out of this” He ignited his lightsaber once more and said, “I think”

There was a sudden charge and the Acolytes dashed in towards Revan all at once. Swing his lightsaber in a circling motion, Revan used the Force to push a great number of his opponents flying in every direction; but that was not good enough.
With a sudden feeling of great pain, Revan noticed that his left arm was bleeding immensely. But he blocked out most of the pain and continued fighting. Striking down seven of the Acolytes, Revan became more tired, but he was not stopping. If this was the time for him to die, then he would die a warrior’s death; fight until the last breath, against extreme odds. Three more Acolytes down, then there was a loud yell issued from Jonas “Stop” he ordered the Acolytes. Revan dropped to his knees “He’s mine, now” said Jonas, as he jumped down from where he was, and landed in front of Revan.

“Ha!” said Revan “Need me weak enough, so you can say that you had a ‘fair’ fight do you? Because this is the only time, you would be able to defeat me, Jonas. Wise choice” Revan admitted.

“Don’t be stupid, Revan” replied Jonas “I said to you before, I have no intention of killing you” he smiled, and added “Yet”

“Why?” asked Revan

“Why?” repeated Jonas “Well, you see Revan, look at it this way” He started walking Revan, looking down upon him “There is a threat here, you know it, I know it” Revan gazed at Jonas as he stood back in front of him. “Imagine what the Galaxy would be like if we destroyed this threat together?”

“What are you getting at, exactly?” asked Revan

“Revan, don’t you see” said Jonas eagerly “We could destroy the Threat, then we could do whatever we wanted! The Republic would thank us, give us leave! And then … and then we could crush the Republic! Build it from scratch as we see fit, let us be our own leaders, let us decide what is best and what is not!” He brought his reddish blade down to Jonas’ face and said, “What say you?”

Revan bowed his head, and thought to himself ‘I tried to do this before, I thought the exact same thing, and look where it got me! Don’t go back to being lost, to stray from somewhere you have worked so hard to be’

“What say you?” repeated Jonas

Revan raised his head, “No,” he whispered.

“What?” said Jonas

“No!” said Revan loudly “Jonas, think to what I have done. Where I have been. That is the same path in which you tread now. Don’t follow my footsteps, stray from that path and come back to the light. I beg you, don’t make me … kill you”

There was a roar of laughter, and Jonas said, “Kill me? Revan, my dear friend, look in the position in what you are in. You could not kill me even if you tried,”

Revan stayed kneeling, all this time, whilst Jonas had been talking, wasting time, Revan had been gathering the last ounce of strength he could muster. And with a final stroke, no matter which way it went, he would aim to kill. This is what it came down to, there was no other way, and to end all this, one of them would have to die. Here and now. As quick as a flash, Revan ignited his own lightsaber and flung himself forward, heading straight for Jonas’ neck. But Jonas evaded the attack and brought his own saber down and it slashed across the back of Revan’s legs. Revan felt a heavy blow to the head, which was caused by the end of Jonas’ lightsaber hilt, and Revan fell into darkness.

Jonas sighed “Lock him in the Force cage” he said to one of his Acolytes “This isn’t over, yet. There’s still time,”

Two of the Acolytes that were left, picked up Revan by the arms and dragged him out through the forest. As Jonas walked steadily behind them.

* * *
Revan could feel nothing but pain and agony, as he opened his eyes, realising he was not dead. He placed his hand on his forehead, trying to put out the feeling of the massive headache, which was occurring.

“Go and tell Jonas that Revan has finally awoken” came a voice

Revan looked around and he noticed that he was in a force cage, just large enough to have a bench situated, the bench in which Revan had been lying on.

‘Great’ Revan thought to himself ‘how the hell, am I going to get out of this one?’ He looked around the chamber in which he was in. To the left and right, there was Force cage emitters hugging the walls, and at the end of the chamber, next to the Turbo lift door, there was a computer terminal, and there stood one of the Acolytes.

“So,” said Revan “I missed you did I?” The Acolyte just replied with a grunt. “No need to be like that” said Revan “I wont next time,” he added, smiling.
Just then, Revan had felt a presence through the Force. A sweet, loving presence which he knew well, and longed to see that person once more. ‘Bastilla, hear me!’ He said through the Force. He felt a small reply from her, but the thought of her voice flowed away from his mind, as he heard the sound of the Turbo-lift doors open. And looking over, he saw Jonas walk over the barrier and into the holding room.

“Let me go, Jonas,” said Revan, forcefully

Jonas merely laughed “Do not waste your energy Revan, I am more powerful than you will ever be!”

Revan sneered, “Think so, do you?” he said. ‘Power is only but a word used to put across the suggestion of strength. It is not, however, the true meaning to being ‘powerful’. Knowledge will over-come strength. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage’ He said, through the Force, placing his words into Jonas’ mind.

‘What use is knowledge if you don’t have strength?’ Came Jonas’s reply

‘Being the ‘Powerful Being’ that you are Jonas, I thought at least you of all people, would have that knowledge’ Mocked Revan

“Enough” said Jonas, out loud “I have asked you once Revan, and let you off lightly. I will not be so forgiving next time. Now I ask you one last time. Will you join with me, and together we can rule the Galaxy, side by side!”

“It looks like, you will have to kill me” Said Revan “Because I will never turn to the Dark Side again!”

“You have left me no choice,” said Jonas, grimly “I will not kill you, even I have no desire to kill you at all. One other person does though. He sent me to kill you, on this planet, but I have failed and will continue to fail, by letting you go. But if you think, that is all … you are wrong. There are worse things than death, way worse. Now Revan, say good-bye to the thing you hold most dear to your heart. The thing what has stood by you for all your life, which has helped you in all your encounters.” He looked into Revan’s eyes, smiled then turning to walk back to the Turbo-lift he said to his Acolytes.

“Sap every inch of the Force from him and see to it, that he suffers”

* * *

Sweat pouring down his face, Nom sparred in the Cargo Hold of the Ebon Hawk with his Master, Bastilla Shan. His newly built lightsaber, creating a bright purple glow. Whilst clashing brilliantly with the shimmering yellow of Bastilla’s own sabre-staff. However, only one side was activated.
“Now, you must remember Nom” she said, as she brought her lightsaber swinging down, and Nom parrying it, with a sudden twist of his wrist, he brought it back up, just stopping in front of her face.

“Whoa” she said, surprisedly, stepping back deactivating her lightsaber. (Nom did the same) “Very good, now you must remember, the Force will guide you in the act of battle. It is your ally, not just a ‘tool’ as some would think. It will help you perceive your opponents next moves.
“A Jedi uses the Force for Knowledge and defence, never attack. Remember this.

“But doesn’t a Jedi get his strength from the Force?” asked Nom

“Yes, a Jedi can fuel his strength through the Force, but always depending on the Force, will end up blinding you to what aspect of strength you are using. Whether it be for Defence or knowledge. You may realise one day, you are also using it in anger, to gain an advantage in attack. These things; Anger, aggression, and also inflicting fear into the hearts of others, are the ways of succumbing to the Dark Side,”

“When you are fighting an opponent, isn’t that one of your objectives to win, to gain an advantage in attack?”

“Yes and no” said Bastilla “You see Nom, gaining an advantage against your opponent, can not always come from being aggressive. By being aggressive, distracts your concentration, and affects your strokes, of the blade. But through knowledge, you can out smart you opponent, to think that they may have the upper hand in the combat, but you yourself, will gain the victory. But this all comes down to how you are fighting. Now, to end this training session for now, recite me the Jedi Code”

Nom racked his brains for the right wording, and he began:

‘There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is only the Force.'

“Excellent” said Bastilla, “Now, go and rest, and go over what you have learnt”

“Yes, Master” said Nom. As he got to the doorway, he turned and asked, “Excuse me, Master?”

“Yes Nom?”

“I was just wondering, where are we going next?”

“One more stop left” replied Bastilla “I have called some the Exiles companions, to meet us at Taris, whilst we pick up Mission and Zaalbar. How many will come however, only time will tell. Now, rest!”

“Yes, Master” obeyed Nom, bowing his head and retreating back to the Port Dormitory.

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