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Dry green pupils lingered over the sheet of transparastell, a small form stood before the rigid window frame. Black hair weaved from her pale scalp, a pair of red streaks ran through the dark strands. A jumpsuit matched the colour of her hair, it clung to the woman’s build. She lightly glanced to the side of the room, ruffled sheets fell over the lone bunk unit. Her green eyes shifted back to the clear layer of steel, gazing out to the murky cityscape. The darkened sky was made visible with dense gusts of black wind.

A whisk of the sliding door reached her ears, she flippantly tilted her head and a slight smile curved to her face. Bulked bare feet clanked to the durasteel plated floorboards. The woman turned back to the grey view, she felt the warmth of his stomach against her back. Broad arms winded around her sides and waist, her body fell back to his. The woman’s dark hair caressed to a cushion of skin and muscle, her bleached mouth parted and she uttered, “Vin...”

“Jo,” tanned lips barely inched from her left ear, his voice was strong, it held a solid tone with a tender undercurrent, “it’s going to be okay.”

“I’ve heard that,” Jo’s own voice was dry and stiff, “but they have Mike, my flesh and blood. Our son.”

“Jo,” repeated Vin, “it’s one mission, one last job. We do this, we get Mike, and then we leave this cesspool of a moon behind.”

“Where would we go,” she asked quietly, resting against his muscular form.

“Corellia, Tatooine. I hear for a gas giant Bespin is nice this time of year.” He mused into her pale ear, “Calrissian still owes me for that Sabacc game on Ord Mantell. Could get us a place on Cloud City.”

“Ord Mantell?”

“A nice out of the way, merc filled, waste land of a Rim world,” elaborated Vin as he held onto her.

“Cloud City sounds better,” Jo replied with a sapless tone as she turned in his arms, “we just have to survive one of the elite saberists from the Jedi Order.”

“If his lordship’s prediction is correct... but we’ve both seen the security-feeds on Katarn’s last few visits to this moon.” He spoke up, coming to a loss of words momentary, “He’s tough, but not invincible.”

“He also took out Rom Mohc, Jerec, Desann, and a whole lot of other Imperials. He even walked away from Boba Fett.” His green pupils met his grey eyes as she looked up to him, “And we’re just a pair of retired mercs.”

Vin softly looked at her and he moved his left arm, a warm palm over her bare cheek, “You still wanna do it this way?”

“I’d risk almost anything for that boy,” paled lids concealed over his eyes, “except him, or you.... That’s why you’re going to cover me.”


“Vin,” Jo almost whispered, her hand came over his, “I love you, and that still scares a small part of me. It scared me when I loved Mike’s father and even when Dark was mentoring me. But what scares me more is the thought of losing you. I can’t tell you not to come because I know you would anyway. And I need to do this because I need Mike back in our lives.” Moisture filled her green eyes, “I’m going to head in, I want you to cover me.”

His grey eyes dried and Vin lightly stroked her cheek, “I love you too Jo, and I’ll do this, for you.”

“Thank you,” her voice turned quiet, “after this we can take Mike and go to Corellia, or Bespin, or where the hell ever.” Jo nodded as she stepped back from him, “We need to get ready.”

* * *

Kyle Katarn’s brown-strapped boots clanged to the metallic floor, his gloved hands glazed along the bronze ladder that arched over the Raven Claw’s nose. Brown eyes fell to the wide interior of the bleak docking bay. His ears caught Jan’s own feet as they slammed to the bay’s foundation. Except from the Raven Claw, the docking bay was almost empty. Droids scattered between the four walls, clinging and electronic hums echoed. These mechanical assistants were more than likely commissioned from the reigning Hutts, who had recaptured this sector of Nar Shaddaa after he and Lando had dethroned Reelo Baruk.

“Kyle,” Jan Ors called as she stepped around the Raven Claw’s edged beck. The dull overhead lights reflected over the pair of goggles that rested to her head, “You alright?”

“Yeah,” nodded Kyle briefly, “just remembering.”

“We don’t exactly have the fondest of memories from this place.” Jan stepped up to him now, “Any idea where your friend is?”

“The B'omarr Monks haven’t hid their monastary here, but they don’t exactly have an open door policy either. Which is odd for them.”

Jan’s black hair flicked as she twisted her head to the door frame in the far corner, “Interesting place to hide... shall we?”

“He kept his religion a secret since our Cadet days at the Imperial Academy, so the Remnant wouldn’t think to look in a B’omarr monastery for him.” Kyle moved in the direction of the door, “I just hope his brain is still on the inside of his skull.”

“What,” Jan asked curiously confused, stepping along side him.

“At the height of their enlightenment, these monks get their brain surgically removed from their body and are placed inside a nutrient jar... occasionally strapped onto a Spider Droid.” Kyle briefly explained, “Found that out before we started Operation Skyhook back on Danuta.”

“And Odem was worried about the Imperials getting to him first?” Jan replied as they reached the sleek door, which opened with an electric swish.

“Let’s just hope he’s not too enlightened yet,” Kyle answered as a cold breeze met them. Both of their boots met a narrow walkway, the deep abyss dwelled beneath them.

Jan stepped over the bridge, her hands swayed loosely, “So do you have a plan to get inside this monastery?”

“Oh I have a real easy scheme this time,” Kyle almost mused as he marched to an open archway that led into another towering building.

“Easy,” she gently scoffed, “since when do we do things the easy way?”

“I make the odd exception,” a sly grin crossed beneath his brown beard.

“Alright,” Jan gave a soft chuckle, passing through the archway and into a dim lit hallway, “what is your great yet simple plan?”

“Knock on the front door.”

She gave a full laugh before repeating, “Knock? Since when does that ever work for us?”

“Hey!” Crackled Kyle his attempt to sound offended, “It worked the last time I went to see Odem. Besides, the monks know what kind of trouble he’d be in if the Remnant found him and that a friend of his from the New Republic is trying to help him. So they’re expecting us.”

“In that case should I load my blaster now or later,” Jan asked rhetorically and dryly as she lightly stroked the barrel of her holstered standard issued rifle.

“They’re not...” Kyle stuttered then even he came to a full stride, “that hostile... just let me do the talking.”

Jan breathed aside, her brown eyes moved ahead to another hollow metal arch, “Because that always works so well.”

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