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Nancy, you said his espousal of the comment was sick, implying that he was sick for promoting it. I'd say that qualifies.

Is that respect making it harder for the troops to come home, and thus by extension killing more of them needlessly? It is a strange kind of respect if so; I would not agree with such a concept. Honor is all well and good, but I wonder if you would choose honor or the life of a soldier when honor is clearly not getting them anywhere except six feet under.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
'Ludicrous' I can live with. However, implying I have paranoia, which has been considered a mental disorder for a long time, when in fact I have never been diagnosed as such, is very problematic and attacks my character.
I would argue that condescension is not exactly the best way to foster a continued debate, even if we all do have the rights of free speech.
Given that I agree with you. For my part, I try to avoid any personal attacks so do tell me if I slip one in.
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