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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Using the deaths of our soldiers to sway opinion on Iraq (if that isn't the reason why you support it please tell us what is)
My opinion on the subject is that people are not aware enough of the actual human cost of the war. Showing said coffins and other images would hopefully create more awareness in that regard and I would hope that we would get out of there faster. However, like I said before, if the people still want the war after they've had the very real consequences shown to them, then I would have to accept that and we'd all have to live with ourselves.

is it really worth it? I can promise you right now it won't work, all that'll happen is there'll be a backlash against it. You really want to put an end to the war? The best way is to attack Bush. People have voted him out of the Senate and because of that he's made the biggest indication yet that Iraq was a mistake (to appease those against the war, my stance is that Saddam was overthrown so there could be a regime change in Iraq). If enough people turn on Bush and the government then there'll be little choice but to give what the people want. You really want an end to the war in Iraq? Get out there and rally everyone you can against Bush and the government.
Is it worth it? I know that our people won't die anymore; probably one faction over there will take over fairly quickly and Iraq will end up worse than it began - a devastatingly poor theocracy, with most of its infrastructure blown to bits by us kindly invaders. Am I happy with that? No. Am I happier with staying there for "as long as it takes"? No.

I don't think I have to worry about Bush being gone this next election, and it's very, very unlikely that people will actually be able to impeach and convict him since they haven't done so already.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I don't think so--if you're talking about anonymous coffins, I think the American public will get rather blase about it after awhile and it'll have about as much meaning to the general public as the numbers themselves. I had a tough time grasping the Vietnam casaulty numbers until I had the chance to see The Wall in D.C. Seeing all the names there has a certain impact.
Yes, that is a good memorial. 60 000 is a lot of people.

That would be something that I was OK with, providing Jimbo wanted it that way, because the intent is different.
The problem I have with it (not that I disapprove of the idea) is that it doesn't interject into mainstream conciousness. People don't go to it if they don't want to. I'm sure that showing coffins on TV will eventually become less effective, but I think it's better to do something that will make people realize what is happening. I hope you see what I'm trying to say; like I said before, the worst part about the casualties lists is just not seeing a good reason for them, and it's hard to justify them staying in my mind. Letting people see this kind of thing is something I think the situation justifies.
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