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Ideas for Star wars battlefront 3

first of i think they should bring back multiple maps per planet.
also i think that they should add mandolorian and black sun to the game.
finally besides adding a bunch of new maps, they should make online play like that game planetside, if they had oh 20 planets, and every1 joins a faction...which you can switch, then from 8:00 AM to 4:00AM the battles should start, similar to planetside you can only attack a planet once it is vulnerable, but instead of one massive battle for each planet, divide the battle into 21 battles, so if the empire attacked mos eisley, and the rebs owned it, than any rebs or imps could log on and join one of the 21 battles in mos eisley, whichever side wins best of 21 wins the map. Also you would move up rank depending on your kills and kill/death ratio, the higher your rank the more bonuses you get and more ships/units you can use. Also add in bonuses that players purchase for themselves for individual battles, you would get money by capturing cp's wining battles, and killing ppl, a bonus could be 10% extra health, 10% extra dmg...whatever.
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