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Here is a Empire and Rebel only Equal Footing GC map. Pirates added in.

I can make the basic three way with ZC as above with the added in Pirates to slow down the land grab. I can post that here sometime tomorrow.

I am trying to understand why the galactic strategic AI seems to be so artificial in how it expands, and waits for you to 'catch up'. Some things I am testing. I want the AI to be more Human like Smart, and build decent fleets.

Play and you may know why they left the pirate faction out...Or you may really like it.

Later I will add back in the ZC for another version of that GC map to play. It is not that hard, just alot of cut and paste. Useing the above file, the hard work has been done, just needs some polish to your liking.

How about you copy the coding and rename the Title for both the Imperial and Rebel. I don't want to loose "Equal Footing" GC map because I still want to keep it.
Yes, of course. I just was in a hurry to let it be tested by others. I am still looking at things on how the AI expands. In a more final version, it would be nice to have these show up as custom select seperate maps on the screen.

One big copy and paste, then rename that campaign leaving the original intact. Thus it would give you more GC map play options and leave the original vanilla 6 pack alone.

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