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Originally Posted by Docter_Aap
Ok i just played the GC map Gateway's as the Empire (on Medium). I first defended my entry points a bit then started buidling a lvl 5 space station and in not too much time i established my galactic bases on all planets, and had the Executor and the DS 2. Those 2 and 3 extra ISD's crushed the entire rebellion without losing a single unit that doesnt return. So isnt the Empire in space kinda overpowered?
It's not so much the Empire is overpwered as it is the Rebels are underpowered. The Empire is meant to have beasty cruisers while the rebels have better fighters....

But as of FoC, the Imperials have been given fighter upgrades and the rebels have just been nerfed.

Having said that, the Empire do have a habit of bringing in dozens ISDs which didn't really need to be done.
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