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Kirabaros had come to Nar Shaddaa for the need to help. Being drawn to suffering was a terrible weakness and one he couldn't help if it raged like wildfire across space. He had docked at teh refugee sector and set about wandering the platform. Paying for information, he found that another Jedi had come through there and had alleviated the burdens there some. This made Kirabaros puzzled and he inwardly turned to find out why he was drawn to this place. The answer came when he saw a human and a Twi'lek crossing through. He was curious and like a bug drawn to a light, he swooped his way to seek them out. He kept pace behind them, grateful that he had chosen to wear what his friends called his smuggler outfit: black boots, black pants and a white shirt covered by a dark spacer jacket. The only thing visible was his katana which hung at his hip. He followed, and pulled on the sensation of fear and running to find the source, attempting to gently alert the pair that he was behind him.

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