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Tahiti and Grauk ran towards the fugitive sector. Before they could enter the sector, a pair of Exchange Thug blocked the road.

"Tax time!" One of the thug said.

"Or you won't pass!" Another one said.

"Look, we're bounty hunters, and why don't you let us go? We'll leave you alone." Tahiti waved his hand.

"What?! A pair of mere bounty hunters knows Jedi trick? Kill them! Kill them all!" The first thug shouted.

"It's my turn. I started this." Tahiti waved to Grauk, "Watch and enjoy." Then he charged to the thugs, with his vibroblade in the cover. When he ran past the thugs, he took out the blade and did tons of slashes in the lightning speed. When he stopped down, the thugs seemed still in one piece.

"Ha! You can do better than that!" One thug jeered.

Tahiti said nothing, and slowly put his vibroblade into its cover. When he fully closed the vibroblade into the cover, the thugs were broken into pieces.

"Ouch. A little overused my Iaido training," Tahiti observed and scratched his head.

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