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I'm more bothered by the fact that I cannot open up a restaurant that allows smoking within itself. If it's my property it's my right to allow smoking inside. There is also some debate whether or not passive smoking really affects other people (Asthmatics aside)
See, I see nothing wrong with the idea of having a private restaurant that allows smoking, nor a smoking club that happens to also serve food. If the legislation blocks these rarified establishments, perhaps it should be reviewed.

As for the idea that there's a debate on the subject of whether passive smoking has adverse effects on people in general... yes there is technically a debate, but only insofar as there will ALWAYS be a debate on this issue, just as there will always be a "debate" on the issue of global warming and evolution, no matter how much evidence one presents. Suffice it to say that the broad consensus is leaning towards "Yes, passive smoking is dangerous".

I made a commitment, so yes. The difference is they have my consent, they didn't make a fallacious claim against me.
I posted my reasons for disagreeing with conscription above... I'm curious to hear (read) a more detailed explanation of your reasoning for disagreeing with it, as my reasons tend to revolve around the basic principle that our governments simply cannot be trusted to use the troops morally. If the troops were always used for good, I'd be in favour of conscription, I'm sure.

So how about you?

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