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Davinq was confused. Again. He had just totally spaced out, and not a single zombie had attacked him. Then he remembered. Good zombies?! Now I've seen everything He thought. Out loud he said "Alright, you! Go keep an eye on that zombie spawn spot, see if anything can become of it. You, you and you! Come with me. You! Go see what became of Abby, Ave, Mayhem - all the chicks. You! Go see if you can help Jimmy with his signature collecting. You! Find out what became of carrot top. The rest of you! Go get all the cash out of the cash registers of as many stores as you can - report only to me. Got that?"
"Good. Move out!"


Davinq was nervous. The ground had started rumble, if only slightly, and he had a suspicion of what was going on. He ran off in the direction of the spawn point.


Upon arrival, a giant three-headed dog appeared with a flash of smoke and a loud *pop!* If Davinq had any vocal cords left in time, he would have screamed. Unfortunately, a rather vicious zombie came up on him from behind, and violently scratched his throat out.


1992 to 2006

Killed in the line of duty.


@Mayhem: didn't you say 13 pages worth, maximum? We didn't even get close . But yes, unique it is. And also my first, I believe. *blushes*

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