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You said that you didnt have any virtual memory ?, i would say you really need that.
It makes some of the space on your harddrive to work as Memory, but the loading time takes time.
Try to add 1.5 x 128 mb, hold on let me thing, my brain doesnt work so fast, my laser bullets in my brain travels very slowly, like a Pentium 200 mhz = 10 years to get the result.
Sorry bad joke.
128 MB X 1,5 = 270 MB of Virtual Memory.
That should do it.
If you have a large harddrive, then add 1024 mb as virtual memory.
Because the harddrive is fast if its larger so why not take advantage of it. ( just try )
By the way, which operativ system are you using ?
Dont play around with this ---> the com hunk megs, cause Jedi Academy handles that automatically.

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