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Originally Posted by The Architect
Is this some kind of a joke? Nihilus would wipe the floor with Revan. Only someone who is a wound in the Force, a dead spot in the Force, like the Exile was, could beat Nihilus. Those who claim otherwise do not understand how Nihilus' power works, or are just stubborn Revan fan boys.
I disagree. The fact that Sion and Nihilus rebelled against Kriea implies that atleast before she was exiled, she was more powerful than either of them, and I believe Revan was her superior. I see your logic I just think that a really powerful Jedi/Sith Lord could take him.

Originally Posted by The Architect
Jediphile, Revan wasn't literally the heart of the Force, Kreia was just using a metaphor to describe Revan's power. Note how she says "Staring into his/her eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force."
That would be a simile
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