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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Neither does the Death Star.

Oooh, a fancy little laser beam that can destroy all planteary shields, and can only be defeated by firing a laser into a small tiny exhaust pipe, but it's impossible because it is small and tiny. But, look! Luke Skywalker is a great pilot, and The Force is on his side, so he is able to shoot into the smally tiny exhaust pipe and WIN!!1!

And, neither does the Chossen One. I mean, really. You're saying that this one person is the only one that can defeat Palpatine...and nobody else. Not even Luke Skywalker, who is much more better than the Chossen One.

Fact is, Star Wars is pretty ridiculous. But it's still fun.
How wrong you are. Nihilus could defeat palpatine too.
And the deathstar is not nearly as ridiculous as Nihilus is. Are you really comparing a gigantic space station with a single man?

But that may just be my opinion.
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