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Chapter V - The Presence of a Sith Lord

((I just cannot think of anything to add to between these two chapters. If I do, I'll add it to Chapter IV, but now I'll continue a couple of months after the war was declared.))

The holographic map of the Sith Dominion filled the throne room where Tepe laughted his menacing laught. There they were. The 130 planets he now controlled shaded in a nice red hue while those under siege were colored in a golden hue. He sat on his throne as the laughter died down. The double-doors crashed open and the Colonel walked in, marched to the lowest step infront of the throne and bowed.
"My Lord, I come with the latest news" he said and Tepe nodded in agreement, watching as the Colonel uploaded the news and rotated the map so they could see the latest hot spots. The galaxy map spanned from planet to planet while the Colonel explained what was happening. This included breakthroughts, withdrawals, recent attacks on hyperspace routes and the latest moral news. There were also reports about well-doing officers and soldiers that were climbing ranks swiftly, ships that seemed to be unbeatable in battles, sometimes being the last command-capable ship there and still beating an enemy with good strategizing and such. The last news worried the Lord, however. It seemed that the epublic was enforcing defencive measures and without good strategist like the ones on the Republic side, the Dominion might soon lose their advantage on the Republic.

"They continue to wear our troops down? Can't we stop their reinforcements?" the Dark Lord asked and the Colonel shook his head.
"Unfortunately, it seems that the speed and agility of the Republic ships are working on their side in this. They got wise in the Galactic Civil War" the man said and looked at the planets, pinching one between his fingers just for the fun of it. The Lord smiled and nodded.
"That they did... Give orders to break off any new attacks. Reinforce all current sieges and defence posts. Send message to Kamino and Rothana to increase production. I want everything ready as soon as they can be. If you need to, get workers from other planets but pay them well for the work. All other drydocks and factories within Dominion space are to double their efforts" he said and nodded to excuse the Colonel that indeed left after it. However, he turned when the Dark Lord spoke again.
"I also want to know why Charna is so intrigued with Naboo. Tell her Guards to keep an eye out for anything. I want to know everything. And I mean everything. That also goes for Kaoin" he said and then aved his hand for he Colonel to continue off. The officer bowed and left, closing the room and leaving for the command bunker to give out the orders.

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