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Finally another chapter.
*Still waving the unposted chapters at Pottsie*

Chapter 26

The hunt was over, the Jedi was caught. That was the way it was with being a bounty hunter. You could track something for days and months and sometimes someone else claimed the bounty. This time the client got the bounty himself. That didn’t matter to Jaqrand. He was still being paid for his services and he was asked to join the ranks. He was good at finding things and his kills were needed to find Revan. That sounded good. Even better was the fact that the idiots who were to grab the kids failed and no longer on the job. Permanently.

He was walking with his client who was showing him to the best rooms on the ship. They stopped at the force field and peered in. The lifeless body gave no indication that he noticed them. There was no indication that the body was alive save for the vital signs on the panel. Jaqrand took one look and his face registered disappointment. He wasn’t being paid to torture dead bodies.

Draconis was gazing at the body lying on the bunk with great interest. He caught the disappointment on his bounty hunter’s face and smiled. Kirabaros had achieved a state that took years to learn and in just a few hours. Impressed but pleased. He had tarnished his reputation in the Republic and Senator Amstar was in a rut trying to keep relations sound. To ease Jaqrand’s discomfort, he said, “Don’t worry. He’s alive and the vitals prove it.”

“Even in sleep a person moves. This thing isn’t moving. You expect me to torment and subdue this lump?” Jaqrand looked at Draconis as if he were insane.

“He is alive. It’s about time for him to come out of any way. I want that disruptor of yours on when he wakes up. What you do then is up to you but I want Keegan to have a word with him.” Draconis turned on his heel to walk away.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to go back to Coruscant. I have been invited to speak out against our prisoner.” Draconis was walking when he said this.

Jaqrand shook his head and continued to gaze at the lifeless body. He pulled out the neural disruptor that he spent time checking. He gave a sigh and lowered the force field.

He was on the Jasilyn plains where the tall grasses rippled in the wind like an endless green sea. The warm sun cast a sheet of soft light on the green. At a small glen near the river were two people, or was it three? He got closer and saw that it was three, two men and a woman. They turned to face him with the woman holding the arm of the taller of the two men. She had golden brown eyes and dark brown hair and a smile that was endearing to anyone. She looked at him and beamed brightly and said, “I knew you’d find us here.”

The one she was holding onto brought a double take to his eyes. The green eyes and the two stray brown locks gave him away. He looked very much like how he did when he was that age. The other young man had messy hair and lively brown eyes. He smiled like his father but the eyes held the traces of temper from his mother. He spoke, “We have been waiting.”

“There is dangerous footing ahead,” the green-eyed youth interjected. “We will stay here. It is safe here but Aunt Reva needs your help. She can’t fight him alone.”

“Mama will need your help but the Republic needs heart,” the woman said.

“The Heart of the Guardian,” the brown-eyed youth said. “Home won’t be home without the Republic and my papa won’t come home.”

“Right Dada. Kirabaros is being called again,” the green-eyed youth said.

They stood there as he drew back. He looked at the three of them as they stood there, watching him leave. He saw as his son dropped a gentle kiss on her cheek…

Tulre awoke on his pallet, his green eyes roaming about the room. He could hear Morgan wake up beside him with short little gasps. He turned to look at Morgan and asked, “You had the same one?”

Morgan looked at Tulre and nodded. He wasn’t sure where he had been but it was familiar. Having grown up in the academy, he had never seen the plains of Jasilyn but it had that familiar warmth and it felt safe. Tulre had been there and so had been Lilah but they were all grown up. He asked Tulre, “Why did we see your papa?”

Tulre was puzzled himself. He whispered back, “I think Dada is in trouble.”

“I think so too.”

They were stopped when the door to their room opened. Lilah tottered into their room and kneeled between their pallets. She whispered, “Mama needs help too.” That told the boys that she had the same dream they had. They had no idea that they were beginning to take their first steps into a larger world. They sat there in companionable silence until Lilah got up to go back to her room.

Tulre watched as she left. Even though he told his Marmar that she was a Jawa, he felt the deepest feelings for her. Glancing at Morgan, he felt a special kinship, kind of like the one he sensed between his Dada and Aunt Reva. He thought about the dream as he waited until Morgan drifted off to sleep.

Kirabaros slowly opened his eyes and felt nothing except a dull hum. He saw that he was still lying on the bunk that he had been laying on trying to heal himself. The only thing different was that he found something rubbing on his neck. Slowly, he reached with his left to touch the object around his neck. He didn’t flinch when he felt the familiar band of a Force inhibitor and he could tell it was a powerful one. That would account for the dull hum he could hear.

Ignoring the collar, he gazed up and thought about the last vision that he had. Judging from the vision, he could make out that the children were all right in Mamesa’s care though he seriously doubted they were back on Avalon. They had been waiting for him they said. Apparently it had to be the Force at work but he couldn’t use it. He surmised that they instinctively reached out to him together and he responded. They really are quite a team. I hope she knows how to handle them.

His thoughts were interrupted by a cruel voice, one he didn’t recognize. “So you’re awake now,” it stated the obvious.

Kirabaros turned his head to face a man with dark hard and dark glittering eyes. He was sitting on a steel chair looking at him as if he had been waiting for him to wake up. Kirabaros put a hand to his eyes to block out the light as he refocused on his surroundings. The only thing that moved was his chest and the hand.

Jaqrand watched as the Jedi moved. He marveled inwardly at how he minimized his movements but outwardly showed a slight irritation. He asked, “What are you thinking about? That you can’t hear your precious Force?” He smiled in anticipation of the panic.

Kirabaros had other ideas. He slowly sat up, allowing a few seconds for the dizziness to pass through and leaned back against the wall. He smiled at his captor and replied, “I am thinking ‘what a low down scum like yourself is doing with a high class scumbag like Draconis?’”

Jaqrand was startled. Usually Jedi tend to scream when they realized that they lost the Force. This one was thinking that this was a joke. Jaqrand had little idea that Kirabaros was not easily intimidated and that he had faced torture before and it was firmly etched in his mind. He hid it by replying, “You think this is some sort of game? Do you have any idea who I am? What I was?”

“No but I have a feeling that I’m about to find out, Jaqrand.” Kirabaros had a stoic face that gave nothing away.

“You know my name?” Jaqrand couldn’t help but ask. He had stood up from the chair and tried to look intimidating.

Kirabaros slowly stood up to meet his gaze. He started to walk forward as he said, “And what you did and what you intend to do.” He didn’t really know but he had a gut feeling that this man was the one that shot him on Avalon and had been behind the attempt during the Senate proceedings. He stared at Jaqrand for a long time, not moving. His mind was already bent on escaping and he had an idea how. He needed to wait for the opportune moment.

Jaqrand frowned at him and replied, “So you know that I have been hired at first to kill you and now torture you?”

Now full of information, Kirabaros responded, “Yes. You are very much like an old person I know of. He’s not like you anymore. He moved on. You haven’t.”

“That’s because I know where my loyalties stand,” Jaqrand moved towards the field. He was unnerved that this Jedi wasn’t responding like the others. “Perhaps my client will want a few moments with you. Now excuse me, I have an appointment,” and he left Kirabaros standing there.

Kirabaros stood there for a while and then slowly sat on the bunk. Even though he couldn’t feel the Force, it wasn’t deafening or dramatic like it was for Darius, the Exile. Instead he concentrated on where he had seen his son, goddaughter and nephew. Morgan he called his nephew because of the brotherhood he and Atton shared as Jedi, an Avalonian thing. He went into a meditative state and calmed his body and mind. He was going to need it and he didn’t need the Force to sense it.

“Statement: I detest this mission you are sending me on you Mandalorian meatbag.”

“As much as I liked having you around you demented tin can, I can do without you for awhile. Besides, if my intelligence is correct, you’ll get a chance to bust some skulls.” Canderous was in a foul mood. After spending the last few months with droid after dropping the kids off at the hamachi, he was glad to get rid of it. He found out disturbing news from one of the traders that came by Amshrey and it was confirmed by a transmission from Michaela. He would go himself but he had been asked, not ordered to continue with what he was doing and he and Sarna were going in the opposite direction. He asked me to send HK. Almost as if he knew what was going to happen, he thought to himself.

HK broke his musings when he exclaimed, “Objection: Master surely needs me!”

“Whatever. There you are ready to go under your protocol two-two-beta-charlie-one.” Canderous rolled his eyes and watched as the new protocol activated. HK then took to stomping out to a ship that he was to take. He watched until the droid was gone and went to the communications console. Right on time the console activated to reveal an old friend. To him he said, “Alright Old Man he’s gone. What next?”

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