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Lets go through this logically

Strengths and Weaknesses of the 2 Characters;

Nihilus Strengths are;
The force suck ability
No emotion
Minions slaves to his will
Given his abilities extremely large force potential has to be realised

Revan Strengths;
Brilliant tactician
Extremely intelligent
Expert lightsaber duellist
Great force potential

Nihilus Weaknesses;
Slave to his hunger
Thick (Telos being proof, as there were no Jedi there, he should have sensed this)

Revan Weaknesses;
Tendency to over plan
Can be fooled (Malak's betrayal, not seeing who he was, although 2nd point is debatable)
Will do whatever is necessary (Mandalorian wars, as a lightsider I would say this is a problem, but darksiders would probably disagree)

Now, you must decide on the manner in which they would meet. If they came face to face Nihilus would kill Revan, no doubt. From the cut content, Sion canít even get close enough to get into lightsaber combat, and I donít see why Revan would be any different, so Revans abilities with a lightsaber donít matter. The only reason the exile can engage is because of the wound so Nihilus power has no effect moving to lightsaber fight. Nihilus also owned all of the Jedi Council on Katar (Vandar, Dopak, etc) so I think it somewhat arrogant to assume Revan could succeed where they failed. That said Revan is a master tactician, and would probably do something along the lines of what Kreia did to destroy Nihilus, e.g.; find someone who could do the job, that is after all what a good leader does. Or use some kind of weapon (a la star forge to destroy Nihilus' ship)

I personally think too many of you bum (can I say that? no offence intended to anyone mods change that if you feel the need, itís not intended as a flame) Revan. I think face to face combat Nihilus would win, as Kreia said there are techniques in the force against which there is no defence (save the exile) and I donít see any reason not to believe her, as whatever you may think of Kreia she had a very powerful and unique understanding of the force. Much as it pains me to say this as the Exile is my favourite character (apart from Yoda) would get beaten in a fight with Revan. But Revan would loose to Nihilus and in turn Nihilus would loose to the Exile. Thatís what I believe. I also donít think Revan's tactics could combat Nihilus as even though he is stupid, he holds is own ship together, so I think Revan would avoid him until Nihilus own hunger had killed him. Which basically means Revan would be no better than Vrook et al.

Face to face Nihilus would win, no doubt!

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