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Originally Posted by revanchow
Well, yeah, there're many ways to win a fight, other than one on one direct combat. Revan being a tactician could have thought of some way so that he didnt have to confront Nihilus face to face but still win. What Nihilus has is physical power (ability to suck force), while Revan brain power. Provided that Revan knew of Nihilus's force-sucking ability, that is the threat was known and could be prepared for, brain power always owns.
This I agree with. Unlike Nihilus, Revan is a strategist, and would choose to fight only those battles he can win or even knows that he will win. He's also big on planning his moves, so the idea that he might gather intelligence on Nihilus' abilities is not unreasonable. And therefore he would know that he'd bite the dust in a direct confrontation with Nihilus and avoid it. That's not to say he cannot defeat Nihilus, though. With prior knowledge of Nihilus, Revan would plan an elaborate trap for Nihilus. But I doubt he'd win a fair fight. Revan is more like Palpatine and his old teacher, Kreia, in this regard, in that he'd choose which battles to fight and how carefully.

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