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Its the campaign

I am talking about the campaign mission, not GC nor the tutorial. This is during the campaign after rescuing Tyber and after Urai finished the intimidation mission on Honoghr. The campaign script had Tyber initiating a piracy mission against Mandalore.

I tried finishing off the base before attacking the Keldabe battleship. I am still wiped. I think when you play on HARD mode, the Turbo lasers are more accurate and are as effective as the Laser Cannons in shooting down fighters and bombers. I lost on average an entire group of 3 fighters on every pass to attack the ship.

When you switch to MED mode, the turbo lasers are much less effective on fighters and bombers. This is more realistic IMHO.

Anyway, if anyone found a way to defeat capital ships using fighters/bombers on HARD mode, I be glad to learn.
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