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The wizard held out his huge list of signatures on the registration form. He laughed manically. It was infectious laughter. Ross laughed too. For a good 5 minutes they were both laughing. HARD. Then Ross wiped the laugh tears from his eyes and got supa serious.

If the Wizard got out of here with those names to contribute towards Pirates presidental campaighn, not too much would happen really. Maybe? I'm not entirely surehow the whole voter registration works. It might matter ALOT though.

But, it was also a matter of principles damnit. Freakin' Wizards always doing whatever they want. Casting spells and cursing people and what not. Screw that.
So Ross bum rushed the Wizard at like 500 million miles an hour or something crazy like that.

But he ressurected all the dead forumites in front of Ross. The Zombie forumites were supa scary and supa dead. Wizard assumed that Ross would somehow be emotionally attached to the fellow RD'ers or something. Which is totally emo. One of the very first parts of his ninja kidnapping/training was to remove the part of his brain where feelings come from. And also the part that makes you fart.

He was pulling out his crazy cool sword getting ready to freakin' stab and cut like crazy. But then he stopped. He hesitated. Was he really emotionally connected to these people? Did he really care? No he just considered the fact that he hadn't gotten their signatures yet. He then realized it didn't matter. 95% of the people who visit this site are mad underage and they can't even fill out voter registration stuff anyway. He then whistled supa loud. The nearest Hot Topic store freakin blew up crazy good. Fire and debris and stuff came flying out.

And so did his dog Shadow. Shadow was a pretty normal dog. Except for the fact that he was alittle fat, alittle dumb/supa smart, knew kung fu and how to use a gun, and had a giant gatlin' gun strapped to his back. Shaodw smiled. Which isn't even possible because he's a dog, but he did anyway. And then he started to let the bullets fly.......

OH, Lets make it a choose your own advenure thingee!

If you would like to see a supa cool scene where Shadow blows up the dead formuites turn to page 38.

If you want to see a crazy battle between Ross and Wizard over dead zombie signatures turn to page 43.

If you would like this thread to die a horrible death, put the book down and go outside.... and then lie under a truck.

If you would like to eat poop, run to your toilet real quick and then eat whats in there after you poo, and then turn to page 69.

If you would like to see a hot man-on-man action between Wizard and Ross you are freakin' sick and should stab yourself in the face with something supa sharp. And then turn to page 99, and try to swallow the whole book. While listening to the meat circus level music over and over again, because it's so annoying and I hate it so much.

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