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Originally Posted by The Architect
Yes, I've played K1 and K2 before, I know what Revan has done, but what is so spectacular about any of it? Anyone care to explain? Sure, Revan had a gift to convert others to his/her cause, but I'm not talking about gifts, I'm talking about military tactics. We never did hear about Revan's so called 'genius' acts did we?
Maybe you overlooked Canderous's comments on Revan? How he planned and won the Mandalorian Wars. Though the exact details were not lay out, it is certain from what Canderous said that Revan possessed outstanding Military Tactics, not just gifts. Someone must be able to give the quotes.

While I agree Revan seems to be overhyped, by some people, one cannot overlook his true abilities as portraited in KotOR. An all-mighty man who's undefeatable? Absolutely crap. But a brilliant strategist strong in the force? An objective comment I'd say.
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