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Okay, I admit "Bush is evil" was not once said
Good. Now if you admit that "America is evil" was not said either (which you also asserted), and we can go forward from there. Once again, you have proven that while you seem to care a great deal about figureheads like Bush... I do not. I care about government as a whole, not just one man.

And if you think that one man who happens to be the public face of government has any impact on policy... then you've fallen into the trap set for you by power: becoming involved in the politics of personality that makes people forget that policy is the most important thing about any candidate. (or party.) Not whether they "seem like a good ol' boy".

but the opinions behind these quotes, not to mention the rather trollish nature of some of them, are very clear.
I don't want to speak for Mace, but the opinion behind my quotes in that smorgasbord of... seemingly random excerpts you posted, is- fairly obviously- that of someone who wishes to question authority rather than blindly stumble after authority.

There's nothing "trollish" about any of the quotes you posted. You may not like the ideas contained within those quotations... but just because the truth is offensive to you, doesn't mean it's inherently offensive. I stand by every word in those quotations.

Now this is trolling:

Originally Posted by Nancy, once again...

Now that I got that off my chest how many times have I said that ****ing going into ****ing Iraq was a ****ing mistake? Let me reiterate. ****ing going into ****ing Iraq was a ****ing mistake. 与性交的进入与伊拉克性交是一个该死的差错。與性交的進入與伊拉克性交是一個該死的差錯。** **ing die in het ****ing van Irak gaat was een ****ing fout. Das Scheisse Einsteigen in das Bumsen von von dem Irak war ein ****ing Fehler. Το ****ing που πηγαίνει το Ιράκ ήταν ένα ****ing λάθος. Entrare vaffunculo nello scopare Irak era un errore ****ing. イラクの性交に性交に入ることはとても間違いだった。이라크를 성교하기로 성교에게 감것은 지독한 과오 이었다. Entrar fodendo em foder Iraq era um erro do caralho. ****ing идти в ****ing Ирак была ****ing ошибка. Does that make it clearer?
But tell me, did you watch the Pilger documentary I posted? What are your opinions on the conclusions of the documentary?

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