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You think it's harsh to say the small sample of quotes I've posted is trolling? Well they've upset quite a few people
If my statements about the amorality of our policy in Iraq have upset people, it's because they've been deluding themselves into thinking we're white-hatted good guys... and it's painful to give up delusions.

It's hardly trolling to challenge the political conceptions of most of the population.

and it's nothing less than what you said to me. If you think it's harsh, I have a quote from a proud Canadian. If you think saying your comments are trollish is harsh then in the words of Chris Benoit JUST PROVE ME WRONG.
No, actually, accusers have the burden of proof. If you want to call me a troll, cite some examples of where I've insulted people, or made profane, outrageous statements with no logical basis.

If you are unable to provide any such statements (which I presume to be the case since if you HAD any such statements of mine, you'd have quoted them above) your accusation can be safely discarded as untrue.

You see, that's a very important moral point. People who make assertions have to back up those assertions logically. That's why our governments are guilty of misleading the people... because they make outrageous claims that are not only subsequently proven to be false and self-serving... they don't even provide any evidence worth a damn when MAKING those claims in the first place.

I'll say it again: But tell me, did you watch the Pilger documentary I posted? What are your opinions on the conclusions of the documentary?

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