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I'll say it yet again: But tell me, did you watch the Pilger documentary I posted? What are your opinions on the conclusions of the documentary? Perhaps one day you'll actually answer a question.

It upset Jae terribly and you couldn't care less.
Well first of all this is a debating forum, it isn't personal, and it isn't something to get emotionally invested in.

If objective analysis of a person's statements upsets that person, you're right, I couldn't care less. The statement I referred to WAS ludicrous, and it did border on paranoia. But Jae decided to infer that I was calling her "mentally ill"... Which, frankly, is also a ludicrous inference. So, no, I'm not exactly brimming over with sympathy. Confusion, possibly.

If I got "upset" every time someone critiqued my arguments on these forums, I'd be a wobbling mass of emotion, incapable of sustaining a logical argument.

By the way, what's the point of throwing this up again all the time? Do you hope to turn people against me if you post it enough times? Rather childish if you ask me.
No, you see, that's an example of actually quoting some relevant material. You accused me of trolling, I showed that you'd posted things that were much more dubious than anything I've posted. This rather invalidates your accusation. QED.

But enough of this personal argument... Try addressing some points for a change. Let's get back to the subject of Iraq.

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