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Okay, you want me to answer your question. You answer mine, straight answer. This has nothing to do with Saddam or anyone else, so you don't need to worry on that score. Does George Bush have gas chambers and death camps where he sends terror suspects and Muslims, yes or no?
Okay, straight answer. The answer to the first part is that Saddam Hussein's regime didn't have "gas chambers", and neither does the Bush government, so it's an irrelevance.

The answer to the second part is that Saddam's regime ordered mass executions, but he didn't have "death camps". The Bush administration hasn't ordered mass executions of Muslims and it doesn't have "death camps", but it has certainly caused mass deaths with its wars and bombing campaigns. And not of "terrorists", but of innocent civilians.

So in terms of lives lost and oppression of peoples, the war crimes of Saddam's regime are comparable to our war crimes.

There. A total and complete and comprehensive answer to your question. Now answer mine: Did you watch the Pilger documentary I posted? What are your opinions on the conclusions of the documentary?

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