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Just before I answer I found this.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
How DARE you. How DARE you suggest that "anti-war groups" would "get their yukks" from seeing the images of young mens' coffins returning home from an illegal and immoral war that has claimed their lives. How DARE you. I am sickened by this ignorant and insulting remark.
This was in reply to Jae's outrage over your comments, which contradicts your comments on not being emotionally invested in debates. I'll just touch on this a bit: I don't think you'd get your kicks out of watching footage of American soldiers being killed in Iraq. The sad thing is people would, moreover people would use them, and this is part of the reason over the debate, they would use the deaths of these soldiers for political gain.

Now, yes I did watch that video, and he also made another docuementary debating Israel's existence, but that didn't stop me from watching this powerful and hard hitting drama which gives a lot of insight to where people stand on the war. I have to give credit that unlike others he doesn't try to make a case for September 11 being a planned government attack or gives in to grandstanding, and for pointing out that we don't think about the effect things like America driving out the Taliban has. There is one inaccuracy though, in more people dieing in Afghanistan than on September 11. That's a mistake a lot of people make, the 2996 they think is from the World Trade Centre attacks alone, with the Pentagon and Flight 93 being almost forgotten. In reality the figure is closer to 5000. I'll just go over the end here.

"Are we now in danger of forgetting? Do we forget the lies used to justify the conquest of Iraq and disguise America's plans to dominate all the world?"

No, I don't think so. From day one people have protested the war, and that voice grew louder and louder until now the Democrats have been voted in. Should action have been taken sooner? I think the only reason it hasn't is because people saw Kerry as worse. No one has attempted impeechment however.

"Do we forget that the British government has announced for the first time that it's prepared to launch an attack with nuclear weapons..."

Couldn't quite make that last bit out. Direct quote to this, Britain are ****ing mad if they said this.

"And do we accept the extortion of intellect and morallity that empties noble words like democracy and liberation of their true meaning?"

Since the dawn of time people have been using these words as excuses. Pharoh used it to justify slavery and conquest in Egypt. That doesn't make it any less right however. Afghanistan and Iraq I believe were the targets of a regime change and the leaders in those countries needed to be removed, but with Iraq especially it all turned out horribly wrong. We should never have gone into Iraq in the first place.

"That says it's wrong for terrorists to kill innocent people but right for governments to commit the same crimes in our name."

I could say that in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, soldiers were not told something like "the target is the village of Ab Nabi ****, all men women and children are to be eliminated. They are unarmed" the way terrorists on September 11 hijacked passenger planes with 200 or 300 people on board and killed them by flying the planes into their targets with the intent of killing as many people as possible and causing as much damage as possible. I think the point however is the inevitable and tragic loss of life that occurs in any war.

"The answer is that we need not accept any of this if we recognise that there are now two superpowers. One is the regime in Washington, the other is public opinion now stirring across the world as perhaps never before. Make no mistake it's an epic struggle. The alternative is not just the conquest pf faraway countries. It's the conquest of us: our minds, our humanity, and our self respect. If we remain silent victory over us is assured."

So make as much noise as you possibly can, not just online, in rallies and marches. Organise anti war protests, petitions, send every dollar you have to Afghanistan and Iraq and lobby others to do the same. If you feel so strongly over the issue stop whining about how unfair it all is and do something positive about it.
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