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I did the sabotage (or rather, saw the possibility to do it, since I attacked the planet anyways and instead blew up a factory).
However I guess that a human opponent could do the same to you in MP, which is rather imba.

Btw., I do consider that R2/C3PO can be assasinated and black marcets can be de-corrupted, denying Rebel and ZC players the possibility of teching up, however both things are relatively easy to rebuild (wait a few minutes or simply recorrupt the planet) and thus not too harmful for the enemy player (especially in the case of the ZC, since it only unlocks special abilities;and in the case of R2 it even takes the enemy hero out of the game for a while as well).
Sabotaging a research facility however harms the imp player too much for how easy it is; there isn't even a possibility to defend oneself against this tactic because a ZC player can simply corrupt a planet and immediately sabotage before the imp player has time to de-corrupt it.
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