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Lady Stoffe,

Thanks for developing the TSL Patcher. All I needed was to find the time to shift through it. I just downloaded your latest version, and I am very glad you kept up with it's development. This program has helped me in so many way. If I didn't have this program, I wouldn't have found the error in one of my files. Durring the installation process, I noticed I accidently created an error that was in my original version. For the life of me, I coouldn't figure out what was causing the problem. After hearing a mess of complaints, I was determined to find the error. I ran a test to see how the Patcher executes installations, and BANG there it was plain as day. Your installation log pulled out the issue right away, and I was able to fix the problem in no time.

People can rest assured that my mod is now compatible with the best of them. I was also able to cut the installation instructions down to a few lines in my readme. Since the Patcher does all of the work, I only had to add a few troubleshooting tips.

Thank you,

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