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Originally Posted by The Architect
Why not? Nihilus wiped out many Jedi on Katarr. Are you trying to tell me that Revan is more powerful than all of them put together? Umm...the answer is no. Revan is already overhyped enough as it is. Besides, the more powerful you are, the easier it is for Nihilus to kill you.

There is one thing I'd like to ask about Revan. I've heard all this talk about how Revan was a 'brilliant tactician', a 'master strategist' and all this crap, but can anyone explain what Revan has done that is so remarkable?

Yes, I've played K1 and K2 before, I know what Revan has done, but what is so spectacular about any of it? Anyone care to explain? Sure, Revan had a gift to convert others to his/her cause, but I'm not talking about gifts, I'm talking about military tactics. We never did hear about Revan's so called 'genius' acts did we?
Yes, Nihilus wiped out many Jedi on Katarr. It is not mentioned in detail, but my guess is he did it the same way he intented to do it on Telus.

Bringing the ship in an orbit around the planet, then devouring every single last of them from a rather safe distance. How are the Jedi supposed to fight Nihilus from the surface of the planet?
So what I mean is not, that Revan is more powerful than all those Jedi Masters together, but he is probably more powerful than every single one of them. Or at least equal.

Now if you assume Revan is on a planet and suddenly Nihilus pops out of hyberspace and devours the world, I would agree. Nihilus wins.

Like someone said, if they are warped into an arena, Nihilus would win, unless Revan learned new technics from the True Sith. If they were given time to prepare, I'm sure Revan would find a way to defeat Nihilus. Even 1 on 1.

What if brings along an Ysalamiri? No force for both... I wonder who will use that as an advantage?
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