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Originally Posted by Spider AL
First of all: Anti-war people are anti-war because they respect life and the right to live. Some pro-war Islamic fundamentalist somewhere might laugh at the deaths of US/UK soldiers... but for Jae (and you) to suggest that people who are anti-war would "get their kicks" or "yukks" out of watching the coffins come home...

Well, it's sickening, as I said before. It shows a complete lack of understanding of why people are anti-war, what anti-war people stand for... and yes, it shows a complete lack of understanding of the politics behind the war. It's also very directly insulting to the most moral, decent people in the world today... people who are anti-war.
Well, I'm not, please don't think I am, but...

There are some truely sick people who do cheer this sort of thing, and it's not just leftists. Palestinions celebrated the terrorist attacks on September 11. I know I cheered the bombing of terrorists in Afghanistan even though innocent people would be killed in the conflict.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
Oh you'd better believe it.

The British secretary of state for defence (at the time) Geoff Hoon, stated three times... once on national television in 2002 that the UK would be willing to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iraq with our nuclear arsenal. Horrible, horrible. Illegal. Immoral.
Sack him. Now. Even America for all it's faults rejected proposals for nuclear retalliation for September 11.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
"whining"? Now you're getting nasty, nasty... and silly as well. Who said anything about "just online"? Do you seriously think that people who bother to debate the issue of Iraq on the internet shut their computer down of an evening and stop thinking about all the innocent children that our government has murdered in our name?
By that I mean, what do you hope to achieve here? Convert a few neocons? Prove them wrong? What I'm saying is a lot more is going to be achieved bu having protests and rallies, which you do.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Right-o. Where to start.

The reason why I quoted that multilingual hissy fit was as a reminder of your own behaviour. You're calling me a troll and making snide comments about the opinions behind my comments, yet you blithely ignore what emotionally incontinent tantrums like that make you look like. It's childish for me to quote it, but it's not childish for you to post it? I don't think so. Nobody's trying to turn people against you, you don't need our help for that.
Using your logic things I have said are trollish. So using that logic some of the things you have said are also trollish, or don't the rules apply to you?

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Well, wah. If people can't handle strong opinions that differ from their own, this is not the place to come.
Well I'm of the opinion that some of the things you've said are trollish. Handle that.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
I wasn't sure of the best place to post this, but this thread seems adequate. It's a picture taken on my school campus a few months ago. Every white flag you see is representative of 5-6 civilians that have been killed in Iraq since the United States invaded. Even this picture cannot quite display the true scope of what campus looked like, and what you see here is only a small portion of the coverage of the flags.

Perhaps THIS is why Iraq is the new Godwin's law. It bears being brought up because it's such a travesty.
Yeah, and like I said, like others have said, you don't really grasp what happens in war until you see things like this. That's not to say we should have it thrown in our faces but it is important for those who choose to to look at the full effect war has. And the effect of not going to war in the times war is nessecary (World War II for example).

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Afghanistan is a totally different animal. The goal there was to get al-Qaeda so we didn't have more planes plowing into buildings. I'm just sorry we didn't get bin Laden, though his kidney problems may have done him in instead of any US weaponry--we haven't seen him in awhile, though I could have missed something recently.
Hopefully. No question with Afghanistan there was a legitimate and justified reason for removing the ruling Taliban and putting an end to terrorism in the country, something which was a great success much more so than Iraq. You don't think about those in wheelchairs though, who have been starved or injured by the Taliban and couldn't escape the bombs dropped. That doesn't make Afghanistan wrong or paint it in the same light as Iraq, but it does clean us up to see what happened there.
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