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Teenagers just keep getting younger...

You've probably already heard a lot about how kids nowadays are acting way more mature, but this is a bit topic. I go to the mall sometimes and see little girls, who look about ten, in micromini's and very tight t-shirts. I mean, somthing must be wrong here. They look like prostitutes, and they haven even began their periods.

Also, kids are growing up much more in the responsibilities and the way their treated. I see little children with cell phones, and labtops, and iPods. I don't have a cell phone, I got my ipod on my 13th birthday(When I became a teenager), and labtops no kid needs until they go off to collage.

Kids are also getting WAY into relationships too quick. One of my cousins had dated over 10 girls before 4th grade. And that rate's not gonna slow down for kids anytime soon. With teen pregnancy growing to an alarmingly high rate, what will our future hold? Will these current tweens be our future teenage moms and dads?

What do you think about all of this? Do you think today's tweens are becoming more mature too quick? Why do you think all this is happning and who is to blame?

Links to articals reguarding the subject.
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