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But yes, children grow up faster today than earlier. It's evolution at work more than society, I think.

What is a problem with society, I think, is that kids don't play anymore. When my older little brother, who's now 18, turned 14, he wanted LEGOs for his birthday. Recently my youngest brother turned 14, and his wish-list was made up of things like video games and DVDs.

Children need to get off the PlayStation and TV and play with LEGOs, model planes, water rifles, and what the Heck not more. It's more social, it's better for their eyes, bodies and minds, and their creativity greatly exceeds that of the producers of the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and other downright mediocre series designed to cash in on the fact that children swallow whatever's handed to them. Oh, and LEGOs don't tell kids to get pregnant.

It might not neccessarily be a bad thing for children to grow up faster. It does have its advantages. But it has its disadvantages, too, of course, and I'm not sure of what to do with it.

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