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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
They look like little prostitutes because that's the only clothes that are available in the stores.
There are other places to buy clothes for tweens. Online, for instance. Modest clothing won't ever be completely dropped.

On the issue of tweens acting like teens themselves, there've been quite a few articles about this lately. Unfortunately, the moral fiber of this country is unraveling, and it's taking the kids with it. In these instances, parents become all the more important. If they really put their feet down on it, their children won't be able to dress and act like sluts. Popular culture, peers, and all sorts of other actors have contributed to this strange trend, but ultimately, parents have the authority to stop their kids from following it. The fact that this generation of moms and dads is much softer than previous one, though, does not help at all.

In short, as that article said, 12-year olds aren't hot. Parents can and should stop them from acting like they are.

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