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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
That would have no bearing with Nihilus. He's completely unkillable by regular methods. And no matter how good a strategist Revan is, how would he counter an enemy that wipes out thousands of people on a whim? The only way I can think of would be orbital bombardment, some other type of explosion, or droids (since they're dead to the Force), but none of those are Revan.
There are other ways. Vaelastraz had an interesting point when he/she mentioned those Ysalamir things. If neither one of them could manipulate the force, that might give Revan all the edge he needs. Have they ever been mentioned before in the Old Republic era?

And droids are dead to the force, but that doesn't mean that Nihilus couldn't use conventional force powers to wipe them out. I don't think any kind of assassination would work with Nihilus.
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