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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
That would have no bearing with Nihilus. He's completely unkillable by regular methods. And no matter how good a strategist Revan is, how would he counter an enemy that wipes out thousands of people on a whim? The only way I can think of would be orbital bombardment, some other type of explosion, or droids (since they're dead to the Force), but none of those are Revan.
Maybe distract him with something else and then attack him out of nowhere? This works well esp. with force users, and that's how Nomi Sunrider's husband Andur died. I don't know, just pure imagination.

Originally Posted by The Architect
I'm aware of all this Jediphile. Umm...I'm not impressed. Should I be? Am I just hard to please, or is all of that just 'meh'? Sure, obviously Revan was a smart man/woman, but words like brilliant, military genius, expert tactician shouldn't be used to describe Revan.
Well, yah you're hard to please
As much as you think Revan shouldn't be described as such, many people regard him as what he is as depicted in the game. I think it's just how the writers of KotOR depict this character, and how Revan is Supposed to be. Coz you can see, it's not just Kreia, not just Go-to, not just Canderous, but there're multiple characters who endorse the same brilliant-strategist image of Revan. Of course, this is just an objective observation; one can always hold his or her own opinions and feelings towards any character.

Originally Posted by The Architect
Besides, note that GO-TO, Kreia and Disciple are all just speculating. Whether Revan originally sacrificed himself/herself to the dark side or not in the first place is not definitive. We don't know. That remains to be seen.
Yes, but at least all of them speculate towards the same direction. And they speculate based on facts (leaving some core systems intact, etc) that are unreasonable, unresolved. If things go differently, there must be a reason. Unless one could explain them otherwise, the speculation that Revan planned them would be the most plausible explanation.

As for Kreia, one could argue that she knows Revan well as she's Revan's most important teacher, and thus she was bold enough to arrive at such groundbreaking conclusion that Revan did not "fall". From the story perspective back to the reality, do you think the writers created these lines of Kreia, and those of Canderous, Go-to, etc, just to confuse us? I don't think so. There must be a reason they're doing this- these lines should definitely add value and shed light on what's happening in KotOR. They're highly likely to be what the writers intended to be the truth.
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