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Originally Posted by InyriForge
The second lightsaber form was named after the ysalimiri, so one could only assume the Jedi Order at least was aware of them. Ysalimiri are frail creatures, though. All you'd have to do in a duel is find the ysalimiri and kill it -- it would take far more preparation than simply having an ysalimiri on your shoulder to make it an effective tool of battle. Of course then again Wookieepedia claims that Myrkr wasn't settled until 300 BBY, so who really knows.
Though Myrkr may not have been "settled" in that sense at the time, we do know that it had connections to the Republic in the KotOR era, since Master Ood Bnar was one of the Neti native to Myrkr, who "sacrificed" himself to protect jedi secrets from falling into the hands of Exar Kun when Ossus was devastated during the Sith War 40-50 years before the KotOR games. Since there was a jedi master native to Myrkr at the time, it stands to reason that the order would have at least known of the Ysalamiri.

Originally Posted by InyriForge
The point I felt like I should bring up is that we've not seen Nihilus's power in action. It may be incredibly draining, or take incredible concentration (like Bastila's battle meditation). In fact Nihilus did devour worlds, but he did it safely from a distance onboard his ship. I somehow get the impression it wouldn't be an effective tool in close combat. Unless he can instantly drain all the Force out of Revan (which I doubt) Revan would have him cut down before he ever finished. As a result, I would assume Nihilus would resort to more conventional dueling techniques, where I'm sure Revan would be the superior.
But we have seen him use it in combat. He did use it against the Exile. Or at least tried to. And it would have been devastating, had it not been for the fact that the Exile is a wound in the force and so cannot be drained. That's even if we ignore the cut content scene, where Sion turns on Nihilus only to be sucked dry. Basically Nihilus kills Sion by draining all force out of him, only to have Sion reincarnate, since his special ability is that he cannot die. Or at least that he always resurrects. Nihilus could have drained Sion again and again, but there would be no point, and even Sion realised this.

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