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Originally Posted by InyriForge
The point I felt like I should bring up is that we've not seen Nihilus's power in action. It may be incredibly draining, or take incredible concentration (like Bastila's battle meditation). In fact Nihilus did devour worlds, but he did it safely from a distance onboard his ship. I somehow get the impression it wouldn't be an effective tool in close combat. Unless he can instantly drain all the Force out of Revan (which I doubt) Revan would have him cut down before he ever finished. As a result, I would assume Nihilus would resort to more conventional dueling techniques, where I'm sure Revan would be the superior.
Kreia used the Nihilus type Force Power on the Jedi Council if you choose the light side. Nihilus did it, but realized it didn't have an affect on the Exile. Plus the Exile had help against Nihilus is part of the reason why he/she won so easily.

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