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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
How about the clothing industry selling clothes for tweens that actually are tasteful? They look like little prostitutes because that's the only clothes that are available in the stores.
Too true. Even target has gone to the dark side. We went there a few days ago and were looking at the kids stuff. Nothing was moddest at all. There was a lot of stuff that children should not be wearing. I mean we went to the Dottie Loves stuff, and that stuff's just wrong. There were hoops there the size that I have just been permitted to wear. They had make up, and T shirts with the stupid sayings on them, all the stuff that makes teens look like skanks, but for children!

We're not in the age of innosence anymore. Everything is mini and tight, everything is sex obsessed, everything is for mature audiances only. There are no more G rated movies, no more innocent cartoons, no more toys that don't pose a threat to killing kids. Even Barbie's gone OC, and took the sunkist mini skirt look to heart. I may not even be concerned with having children at the moment considering I can't even drive for another 3 years but no. Children should not be dressed like whores, children should not be using profanity, children should not be watching gory movies, and children should not be emulating their older brothers or sisters. They should take the time and be kids, and not be concerned with learning all the lyrics to 50 Cent's new song.
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