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Originally Posted by Balderdash
There are other ways. Vaelastraz had an interesting point when he/she mentioned those Ysalamir things. If neither one of them could manipulate the force, that might give Revan all the edge he needs. Have they ever been mentioned before in the Old Republic era?
As Inyri said, one hack of a lightsaber and it's dead.

Even so, I'm doubtful one could even work on Nihilus. He seems to be dead to the Force in the way that the Exile is.

Originally Posted by Balderdash
And droids are dead to the force, but that doesn't mean that Nihilus couldn't use conventional force powers to wipe them out. I don't think any kind of assassination would work with Nihilus.
He could use convential Force powers on them, but that still makes him far from invincible. I don't think Nihilus could hold his own against 500 droids firing simultaneously.

Originally Posted by Evln
Maybe distract him with something else and then attack him out of nowhere?
Wouldn't work. Force-sensitives, when in combat, can sense their opponent's intentions.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
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