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*turns to pg 43*

In their desperation and thoughtless furvor, the RD gang had scattered. No longer were they the loosely-banded gang of mismatched youths, the ones that formulated plans and had managed to help each other get this far . . . but in their efforts to survive they had forgotten the golden rule of zombie survival: safety in numbers. Mayhem blamed Carrot Top. With all the pandemonium, managing to make a plan and stick to it had proven to be the achilles heel of them all, and they had each gone their seperate ways hoping that whatever they'd had in mind would succeed. And it hadn't. For anyone.

They had never even made it to the third floor, Mayhem thought bitterly. Despite the funnel that was the escalators, the zombies poured in. Through elevators and air-ducts even! With so little to work with, the RD gang was doomed. The gunshop was so overrun attempting to near it was suicide. Various items from merchandise to stands to windows and more were in various states of disrepair, fire creeping throughout from the cafe section. There were some advantages to being thin though, Mayhem had managed to slink away as far as she could and had made a makeshift fort of that ubrella, another shopping cart, and some lawn chairs. It was pitiful.Mayhem had opened a flap of the ubrella slightly, just enough to witness the death and revival of all her friends. Her eyes were wide with shock and she bit her lip, looking away with eyes shutting tight, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. With the final moments of what would be her life, Mayhem sent text messages and picture of said final moments to her friends and family. Hey, this was 'work'-related, the Hunters had a great plan, they'd send in a clone or robot or something ... right?

She dared to peek out. A dog. A wizard. And Ross. The zombified RD gang too. This could not end good. She heard a loud hiss/moan. Mayhem flipped her head in it's direction, but it was too late. The zombie wrapped its hands around Mayhem's thin neck, and she began struglging to breath. It managed to lift her to her feet even, and she was pretty helpless, gasping for air and pleading for help, her nails digging into his hands to undo them. She was fully aware of the other zombies closing in. She gave a swift kick to the zombies groin. He lost his grip and dropped Mayhem to the ground, she sputtering, he keeled over. Mayhem managed to reach into her little hovel of a fort and clasped the aluminum, blood-soaked bat in one hand at the rather torn umbrella in the other. And she ran.

She wouldn't go down without a fight. But zombies dont give up so easily neither. Zombies rushed in after her, and Mayhem ignored her bawling, her fear and pain and she ran full force as fast a her legs would let her with the umbrella opened. She was only able to see through a patch. A zombie came in after her from behind and she slung the bat, knocking it down. Mayhem neared her zombified friends and Ross ... and then she felt a dull pain across her back. It was a SWAT member fully garbed. "Hey... at least the government knows that the virus works now ..." He rasped, "Too bad all of you had to die to make sure. We just cant allow any survivors." Mayhem's eyes widened at her discovery, but it wouldn't matter. He swung the bat, she managed to roll away.

"You're tryng to prevent Ninja ForPrez from winning the elections by killing off his supportres," Mayhem spat, now standing on shaky feet.

"Now how would you know!?"

"Watching Ross and the Wizard duke it out for ballots - even the wavers made me realize. You conservative types never liked ForPrez anyway ..."

"But how-"

"I'm his campaign manager!" Mayhem shrieked, tackling the SWAT officer.

"Bitch! It's not gonna matter, you're gonna die, just like all your little friends!"

"Too bad, I got you on my cell-phones record feature then," Mayhem smirked, blood seeping from her mouth. It was on a auto-send anyway, she just had to send it to her friends and family ... one press of a button.

The SWAT offcier then aimed ... and fired. Mayhem's eyes glazed over, her heart ceasing to beat. But her cell-phone flew from her hand ... landing at Ross's feet. Her final words came out in a forced whisper, a smile on her lips, "Too bad I died before The Simpsons movie came out ... Please ... we need a hero ... and I'm too lazy ... Vote Ninja for '08..."
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