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Originally Posted by Valter
I strongly disagree, there should be NO changes to the Mon Cal's! They work just fine, besides they aren't supposed to be super-strong. They are outfitted luxury cruisers, not battleships...

The rebel strategy is to outmaneuver the enemy, not overpower the enemy (overpowering is the imperial philosophy).

I have played as the Rebels in FOC and they work perfectly...if you know how to use them effectively.

I think you're overlooking game balance. In the original FoC the Imps strategy was to have unlimited fighters (well basically) while the Rebels have stronger shields - effectively making a MonCal stronger. If the SD gets stronger than the MonCal then the MonCal has no tactical advantages over the SD anymore making the game unbalanced.

And giving the stronger Rebel fighters argument isn't valid anymore because the Imps now have TIE Defenders, TIE Interceptors and TIE Phantoms. That limits the Rebels immensely in terms of tactical advantages.

And yes I do know how to use Rebels thank you very much! I can win with them in FoC despite the disadvantages, but the fact that they are so nerfed in this doesn't make it very much fun to use them anymore.

And Valter, your argument about them being Luxury cruisers is valid in the fact that they should be weaker than ISD's according to canon, but not valid towards whether they have a hangar or not. Either way I think MCs should receive a hangar for game balance and for canon.

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